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Fascinating ideas on transcultural online-collaboration in HUM

Wonderful discussion in HUM. We are looking at ways to help students develop transcultural skills in the particular context of online collaborations. Will lack of face to face interaction make collaborations, planning and projects across cultures harder, or will it actually reduce the scope for mis-understandings? It’s fascinating to think about. Better maybe we’ll get some insight into the personal qualities and behaviours that facilitate transcultural online working. It is almost impossible to predict the kinds of employment this generation of graduates will have in twenty years. But on current trends, with the forces of globalisation and technology acting together, I can’t help thinking these might be the skills to build.

Language, communication, teaching and technology blended: utterly irresistible!

Flipping brilliant lecture on flipping lectures.

Properly inspired this evening by @s_j_lancaster and the way he uses technology to interactivate his lectures. Using a combination of Reponseware apps, clickers and peer discussion you’d have to have been unconscious not to have got engaged in his content.
Using polls to generate such open but directed student discussion clearly takes enormous skill, but holding the everyone’s attention like that must surely be all the motivation you need start learning how. You’re a flipping marvel @s_j_lancaster

Great stuff at FMH: building critical mass for the use of screencast lectures.

Had a great time this morning working with a dozen academics from FMH who are determined to flip their lectures and get to grips with screen casting software. Fortunate the dozen are so patient because there’s a lot to learn all at once. The technology was the easy part! By moving the lecture online they all sensed an expansion in teaching space-time but it took a bit of a mind shift and a lot of creativity to work out how best to exploit it. Designing group work, projects and learning activities that allow students to use face to face time as an opportunity to analyse and apply the concepts in the screen cast is a lot easier said than done. But we were blown away by the ideas they came up with. By the end of the session we had some amazing integrations of teaching and technology planned, and a real anticipation for the feedback from the students.

Best of all the whole enterprise has been wrapped up in a supportive community of practice prepared to experiment – we just can’t wait to hear the difference it makes that all twelve are in it together. Fingers crossed it will be the start of a proper critical mass. Watch this space and good luck to one and all!